M C Medisoft Ltd, Sri Lankan subsidiary of Finnish MC-Group Oy, to enter into partnership with Sri Lankan Biomed

Parties have signed an agreement 30.8.2018 for the purpose to implement and maintain Finnish health sector software solutions in Sri Lanka.

M C Medisoft and Biomed have agreed to mutually address the needs of Sri Lankan health care to design, develop and implement health care software solutions and provide and maintain them both to public and private party service providers in Sri Lanka.

Among others, the services consist of Electronic health record systems for professionals and Personal health record systems for the citizens. Digital health care services include data warehousing and Enterprise Resource Planning. The services will bring the data available just in time for decision making and to enhance health care on national level.

M C Medisoft (Private) Limited

M C Medisoft (Private) Limited is a high-quality IT-solutions provider for social care and healthcare.

The core solutions include Digital services and mHealth.


Mediconsult Oy

Mediconsult is a Nordic high-quality eHealth solutions provider for healthcare and social care organizations in private and public sectors.


Biomed Imaging Systems



For further information please contact

Timo Rovas

Executive Vice President