M C Medisoft (Private) Ltd and Mediconsult Ltd launch a national-level BI-solution in Polonnaruwa Hospital, Sri Lanka

M C Medisoft (Private) Ltd’s and its parent company Mediconsult Ltd’s national-level BI-solution was launched on the 1st of November 2019 at District General Hospital Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.  The former President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena and Mediconsult’s and M C Medisoft’s CEO Tommi Salaspuro together with the project team were present at the launch.

The BI-solution, integrated to the hospital’s own health information system, enables hospitals to follow and monitor their operations from daily work and performance to financial numbers. Data is visualized on dashboards, charts, tables and numbers. With the Data Warehouse solution, other hospitals or organizations will also be able to use the data for analysing and reporting.

The launch in Polonnaruwa hospital is a part of a larger ongoing project in cooperation with M C Medisoft (Private) Ltd, Mediconsult Ltd, Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine of Sri Lanka and  ICTA (Information and Communication Technology Agency). The main goals of the nationwide project include achieving health benefits and improving health care efficiency through data analysis.