M C Medisoft’s Finnish parent company develops local healthcare services – Omaolo digital service currently in production

The first production version of the Finnish Omaolo service was released on 6 February 2019.
M C Medisoft’s Finnish parent company Mediconsult Oy together with Finnish Solita Oy are acting in co-operation for the implementation of the service.

The operational model in Finnish social and health services is being renewed: current practices, in which one queues, reserves an appointment, and then visits the reception, are being revolutionized. By means of digital Omaolo’s symptom and service assessment, residents can evaluate their treatment requirements reliably and quickly. The service brings a new electronic method to handle matters – independent of time and place – up to the level of existent social and public health care service channels.

Each resident gets just the right sort of guidance for his/her own situation with regard to the services provided by either the municipality or hospital district, depending on which one s/he chooses. Suitable third-sector services are also offered comprehensively for the resident’s life circumstances.

Assessment of treatment requirements – reliably and quickly

Functioning online, the Omaolo service contains questions connected with symptoms which, on the basis of the answers, can, for example, suggest that the resident turn to emergency services or electronic contact, or book an appointment from a professional working in social and health care services. In addition, the service can provide treatment instructions for implementation at home on the basis of the answers given. All information provided can be stored for later personal use.

New content being planned

The service content will expand significantly in 2019. Preliminary forms will also be included in Omaolo for child health centre services as well as school, student and occupational health care.

Omaolo is a new, electronic public sector-based social/health service in Finland, whose aim is to offer a direct 24/7 channel to assess your own life situation as well as arrange electronic contact and communications with health and social services in your own region. SoteDigi Oy, a development company, is responsible for the development and distribution of this service. Mediconsult Oy and Solita Oy are responsible for its technical implementation.

Mediconsult Oy is a Nordic high-quality eHealth solutions provider for healthcare and social care organizations in private and public sectors.